Metasploit Framework — Vulnerability Hunting

Hello Everyone !! Next up, we will see the Vulnerability Hunting features of MSF.


We all know, how handy it is to have multiple tabs in Chrome. It enables us to be more productive and multitasking. Likewise, MSF allows us to multitask with the “Workspace” feature. Workspace work in the…

Metasploit Framework — Information Gathering

Hello Everyone !! Let’s dive into the next article of Metasploit series. In this article, I would like to share about how to gather information on a target with various protocols using Metasploit.


Transmission Control Protocol

Every article has its own module…

Hello everyone !! When it comes to the day-to-day routine of a Cybersecurity professional, Metasploit is one of those things that you can’t miss. And mastering it takes an immense amount of practice.

For those who wondering what Metasploit is, it is a Pentesting framework that offers you a large…

I would like to share something that I felt is necessary for every individual right from a Primary School Kid to a Well experienced Healthy working Professional. Humans never stop studying, Indeed they spend a significant amount of their Lifetime in Learning. It is a Non-Stop process.

So what if…

Hello everyone. In this article, I would like to share you what I learnt — “Linux Boot Up Process”


▶ The system is turned on


▶ BIOS Check — System checks for all the Hardware devices. Ex. I/O Devices


▶ The system looks for Boot Sector, Boot Loader ( like…

Hello everyone. While we were working on Windows we would have seen Volumes like C:, D: and so on depending on our wish. But whereas when you see Linux you will not find anything like, instead you can see several folders inside “/” root. …

Hello Everyone. This post is about Open Source. At the end of this post, you will get an idea of what Open Source means.

What is Open Source?

If you come across someone saying, “It’s an Open Source Software”, you might wonder what it means? Does it mean, the software is free? Does it…

Hello Everyone. In the previous post, we came across the term Package Manager. In this post, we will have a peek and get to know what actually Package Managers are.

What is Package?

I will try to explain as simple as possible. Packages can generally refer to the Software/Installation file of the software…

Why Linux?

Right from your Smartphone, Smart TV, Servers to the Spacecraft we use for exploration has Linux in it. So it’s a must for almost everyone to learn it. Turn around and have a look, I am sure you will have at least one Linux powered Machine. I hope that’s enough…

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